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They are situated in a calm environment at the mountain slope over Tiros, in the traditional settlement of Sapounakaiika in the heart of Arcadia. With its exclusive aesthetic it is a unique for the area architectural building combining traditional as well as contemporary materials, like stone, wood, beton/exposed concrete. The result is harmonic and integrated into the natural environment.

Built in 2001, on the ground surrounding the old restored greek countryhouse where the office, welcoming area and seminar room are hosted, it is run since then, as a small business, with its personal familiar character.

The grounds, spreading over 2600m², are surrounded by cypress trees, “Kyparissi” in Greek, from which “Spiti (engl. House) Kyparissi” is named after.

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The resort consists of five studios. Their simple structure and practical architectural inventions, combine in one single comfortable space all the necessary functions.

The apartments are oriented towards the sea and offer an exquisite view and access to the garden which is rich with herbs, flowers as well as olive, lemon and orange trees, adding to the overall ambient pleasing all the senses.

The layout of the premises makes the accommodation suitable for small groups, seminars and events. 

The latest addition to the resort is the spa facility built upon the lower part of the grounds, directly above the small stream. Nicos designed it according to his principles of minimalism, allowing the natural materials of stone and wood to blend into the environment creating a genuine “Spa Oasis”

Combining both seaside and mountain landscape, together with the possibility for cultural activities, it is simply ideal.


Tel : +30 2757041668 +49 1741872818
Mob : +30 6988376716
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Address : Sapounakaiika 77, 22029, Tiros/Arcadia
Facebook : studios_kyparissi
Instagram : studios_kyparissi


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