About Us

We, that is to say Angeliki, Nikos and our son Geronimo, moved from the Black Forest in Germany to the village of Sapounakaika at the end of 2017 to take over the family business, Kyparissi Studios. Although born and raised in England and Germany, we have Greek roots so have chosen Greece as our home.


The studios were originally established in 2001 by Doris, Nikos’s mother. As a qualified architect Niko helped with the planning and design.


Since then a lot has changed. The apartments have been completely renovated to bring them into line with modern technical standards. And the outdoor area has been redesigned to make it more child-friendly. Recently the complex has been expanded to include an outdoor sauna area for our autumn, winter and spring guests.


Our priority is the well-being of our guests and we aim to provide a very relaxing environment. Angeliki is at the heart of the enterprise and her love of people is always evident. She is a professional choreographer and is trained in various alternative body therapies so is well placed to foster the physical and mental well-being of our guests.


As well as being an architect, Niko is a trained carpenter so is responsible for designing and maintaining the building complex. He also enjoys looking after the gardens.


Geronimo has a very sociable, open nature and loves sharing his paradise with the smaller visitors.


While the Kyparissi Studios are in a very peaceful setting, there is also the option to go climbing at nearby slopes discovered by Angeliki and Geronimo. They also like hiking in the local hills which are famous for their natural diversity and unique wild beauty. And in winter there is even snow and the possibility of skiing near Tripoli, an hour’s drive away.


Among the relaxing activities are archery, sauna and Angeliki’s special body therapy, a mixture of Pilates, dance and massage that she offers in various selected places.


We have a passion for cooking and like to share this with our guests. We aim to source food locally and make our own jam and organic olive oil. Our bread is baked by a local farmer and our free range chickens produce wonderful fresh eggs. We also obtain fresh fruits and herbs from our garden such as lemons, mandarins, oranges, oregano and basil.


The traditional Greek Easter feast of grilled lamb on the spit is served round the year along with other local delicacies. We love to invite our guests and friends to join us at a large table to enjoy the best of Greek cuisine together.


We look forward to welcoming you at Kyparissi Studios.


Angeliki, Nikos and Geronimo.