The coast line offers a big selection of beaches with clear water, varying between sand and peddles, crowded or quiet. The closest is a 2 minute drive at Paralia Tirou or a 20min walk.

At Tigani beach, which is a 4mins drive, you can find a beach bar and umbrellas to rent. There is a reef and a cave ideal for snorkelers. There is also a possibility to rent pedal boats.

Quiet and suitable for children, also nice and easy for snorkelling is the sand beach Tzervos which is a 10mins drive.
Paralimni which is only a 3min drive is most of the times an absolutely lonely beach.

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with Angeliki Papadatou

Breathing, moving, standing, laying, in thorough body awareness.
...a thorough body experience rather than a classical workout.

One of the things I love about this setting is the way it enhances my work.
It is always a pleasure to work with people, their bodies and their ways of movement. However the environment in which one practices does make a difference. The air, the pictures, the sounds, the smells, the colours that accompany us throughout the sessions, contribute to the magic of the work.

Our aim is through exercise, touch and support to achieve a deeper awareness of the body, improve the posture, strengthen the center, relax our tensions.

The work includes practices that I have collected throughout the years from contemporary dance technics, pilates training and yoga. Meditation, klang and movement accompany the work enhancing the effect.

Rejuvenation, connection, flow, empowerment, alignment is achieved while experiencing enjoyment, pleasure, fun.

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Hiking: starting directly on site there are plenty of paths to follow varying from easy and short to more difficult ways. A guide is available upon request.

Climbing: Leonidio, which is 18km away, is up to date, one of the top climbing sites in Europe. As part of the greater Leonidio Climbing area, new sectors are opening on the walls directly above Sapounakeiika.

A docent of mid-grade routes in two family friendly, east-facing sectors have been equipped on Gerovraxos directly above Sapounakaika-Tyros, a 15 minute drive, 5 minute walk.

One sector by the team of Marcel, Boris, Claude Remy and Iοannis Metaxotos. And one by Michael Schreiber. Above Zaritzi beach, Michel Piola has equipped 8 spectacular overhanging routes with again a broad sea-view from above.
From the main coastal road, a 10 minute drive, followed by a 30min hike.

Diving : For groups of minimum 6 people a diving course can be organized with diving trainers certified from PADI.

Mountain Biking : The mountains offer a beautiful setting to be discovered not only on foot but also with the bicycle. Since November 2019 our resort is a Bicycle friendly hotel with new facilities to meet the needs of our guests who are either making a bicycle tour or just want to spend a day or two cycling.

You can find routes to cycle around the mountains accompanied by a sea view. The routes connect the older traditional villages of the area. The routes reach also Leonidio which lays in a breathtaking setting with its red rocks.

Guests may come with their bicycles or they can rent one with extra costs. As all our guests they can enjoy our Spa facilities as well as our collection of self made and local products for their breakfast.


Arcadia is very rich in cultural sites varying from ancient greek times to the Venetian era. As a daily trip among many other possibilities could be:

  • Nafplio the Venitian seaport
  • the ancient Mycaene
  • the Theater of Epidauros
  • the Byzantine Churches of Mistras (15th century)
  • the Monastery Elona which is built on a cliff.

Other day trips mountain Villa Kosmas, Kastanitsa +++ traditional

Epidauros events

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Food & Bars

The studios offer the opportunity for independent cooking.
On the premises home made products like fresh eggs and vegetables are available, according to the time of the year.

Just 3 minutes away on foot is the Konatsi Taverna, the only taverna in Sapounakaiika, with very good food and wine as well as a wonderful view.

At the Paralia Tiros there are a number of mini markets, coffee shops and tavernas as well as Souvlaki shops, which is the Greek version of take away fast food.

There are two bars for night life: Petra and Karnagio.

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Agricultural Holidays

Studios Kyparissi are built on the ground surrounding the old main country house.
Keeping the tradition of the area as well as the original function of the place, we continue the minor agricultural activities that the surroundings offer. We have animals, a vegetable garden, herbs, olive, orange and lemon trees.

Everyone is welcome to engage in minor agricultural activities such as feeding the chicken, gardening, traditional cooking and baking, harvesting olives etc.
These activities are seasonal. Check for the harvesting season of the olive trees to experience the taste of your own olive oil. Fruit trees offer the opportunity to make your own marmalades, sweets, etc...

Cooking with seasonal local ingredients brings new tastes, textures, technics. The benefits are direct contact with nature, physical activity, manual work, all of which give pleasure and contact with oneself.

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